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After Effects: Anchor Points, Rotation, and Easing

Joseph Wiehl
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Written by Joseph Wiehl

In this After Effects tutorial, Joseph Wiehl focuses on the basics of moving anchor points, rotation, and easing.

All right, so I'm going to be going over something super basic in my tutorial. I'm going to go over smoothing and rotation, as well as moving anchor points. So, I'm specifically going to be showing you how to move these birds here. So, bird one ... it's going to be bird, yes, bird one. So I want to move the anchor points to the little body here, because these are two separate strokes. So I'm going to place the anchor point here, instead of in the middle where it would normally be. So I'm going to double click this layer. Normally, it would be about here. So we're going to select this tool, this little anchor point tool, and we're going to move that from here down to here. So then, we close out of that. It has moved the anchor point there, as opposed to right ... See what happens if we move it right there. Kind of gets all funky. Move it back again. Oops, so now in moving it, I kind of screwed it up. So I got to set it back again.

Then movement on each stroke here is just a simple change in rotation. So now, I have it at this point. It's rotation is zero, zero. It's just how I had it in the illustrator file. But as it moves to this point, which I could check on and off here, I just changed the rotation slightly. Let's go back to about how we had it. Then, I'll put a nacre point here at the end.

One there, I'll do ... actually that one I was going to put at -28. This one is 0 -28.6. I want this, the end, I want to end at zero degrees. I want it to start at zero degrees. Zero and enter. So now it moves, but it's a little rough so we want to smooth it out. Click this, go down to key frame assist and we'll go just easy ease instead of easy ease in and out so it works both ways. Then we can make the first one a little quicker and they come up a little slower still just on this one here. If we wanted to copy that down here, which I already have animated, go here and then we can even those out or maybe even offset them a little. They don't move at exactly the same pace, but I like it when they move at the same pace. Those are the basics.


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