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After Effects: Creating TV Static

Laura Kramer
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Written by Laura Kramer

Laura Kramer: I chose to do my tutorial over how to create tv static in after effects. This is used at the end of my video, and was something that I thought could be useful for other students.


Let's start by creating a new composition. 1080x1920 is fine, and then add a black background.

Then head to layer, new, solid. And you want the color to be black. And then you're going to go over to your effects and search fractal noise. Go ahead and drag that on your shape.

Then, head into the transform dropdown menu. Uncheck “uniform scaling" and change the scale width to 10,000. And then you'll go to “offset turbulence.” You can look at this in the menu up at the top, or within your key frame section. That way you can see where all the key frames are, because we're going to be wanting to key frame this effect.

Go ahead and find the transform property and keyframe it at the beginning, at 960 and 540 for “offset turbulence.” And then keyframe again, and have it at 960, 1070, respectively. You can go ahead and see what that looks like.

Then we'll go ahead and add a noise effect- just the regular one. You want the regular noise that's under the “fractal noise.” You'll want to change the amount of noise to 70%.

Form here, add a Venetian blinds effect, and change the “transition completion” to 20% and your “feather” to 5.

Duplicate this layer. We're going to edit the top layer, and we're going to change the “offset turbulence” on this one, which is in your “fractal noise” transform. You're going to want it to be about 960, lower than 540 probably, or around that.

I went ahead and did 430. You're going to want to make sure that your keyframe is the same time as it is on the layer below. I went ahead and edited that keyframe back to where I had it.

And then you're going to want to add an overlay, so right-click, select “blending mode, overlay” and there you have it.

Watch it a couple times so it loads correctly, and you have your TV static.

The Result


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fractal noise
offset turbulence
TV Static effect
uniform scaling
venetian blinds effect
overlay blend mode

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