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Project Manager

Pixel Bakery is hiring a Full-Time Project Manager

Sorry, this position has been filled.

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Pixel Bakery is looking for someone to join our team as a full-time project manager!

A few of your main tasks will include maintaining all client relationships, leading client and team meetings, delegating tasks to team members as necessary, and managing project timelines and budgets on a daily basis.

While our culture is extremely relaxed (you are allowed to set your own hours), things move very quickly around here. We're a nimble team, which means you will have an enormous impact on our company and our work. You will learn to set daily, weekly, and long-term deadlines in a fast-paced environment. Writing a job description for this position is difficult, as your days will vary greatly with a wide range of potential experiences. You will become a master at managing yourself, at managing the people around you, and at effectively communicating project information between clients and studio members.

**Pay: ** $37k - 43k, based on experience

Roles + Responsibilities

As an integral part of a small studio with 9 people, we all wear multiple hats – you will too!

  • Provide project insight to prospective clients in discovery meetings
  • Maintain all client relationships, exuding kindness and transparency that represents the studio well
  • Delegate tasks to team members via, our project management platform
  • Manage project timelines and budgets
  • Communicate with team members to determine the status of various projects and potential roadblocks
  • Schedule and lead client meetings
  • Clerical work, such as writing proposals, scheduling meetings, calling clients, etc.
  • Create schedules and shot lists for video production shoots
  • Lead team meetings to manage project progress and to boost studio morale
  • Organize and manage client and studio assets
  • Work directly with our Associate Creative Director to lead meetings and projects, kick off projects, develop strategic management plans, etc.

Qualities We Look For

  • Reliable self-starter who is equally productive when working independently or on a team
  • Excellent communication and grammar skills
  • Must be timely in responding to potential and active clients
  • A positive and outgoing personality
  • Passionate about the design industry
  • Goal-oriented, with a drive to hit deadlines and margins
  • A team player, as everything we do is collaborative
  • Analytical, with strong decision-making skills
  • The ability to self-teach and problem-solve
  • Strong understanding of our internal brand and voice
  • Master of interpersonal communications
  • Willingness to go to networking events, and make solid connections
  • Must be trustworthy and transparent
  • Be willing to work at the Lincoln office Monday-Friday


Relocation Bonus Coming from out of state? We'll help pay for your move.

Vacation: 80 hours paid time off your first year

Sick Leave: 40 hours paid per year

Even More Time Off Voting matters, so we offer paid time off on Election Day. We also hate working hung over, so holidays as well as a recovery day after are paid. We also give paid time off for your birthday and two mental health days a year. New parents get 12 weeks of paid leave, regardless of gender.

401k: 4% match after your first 90 days

Flex-ish schedule: As long as the majority of your hours take place between 9–5 on Mon–Fri, you should be all set.

Hybrid-ish work environment: The majority of your week will be spent in office, but if there are some days where that’s just not going to happen, that’s chill. Overall, we treat you like a human. But, a human we want to be able to talk to and collaborate with on a consistent basis.

Gym Membership: PB covers half of your gym membership each month. Gotta keep that body as healthy as that brain, ya know? Gym is subjective and can also be anything from yoga classes to your Peloton membership.

Book Club: We’ll buy you a book of your choice each month.

Equipment & Gear: We believe in giving our team the space to be creative outside of work. You have access to our studio, computers, camera gear, and equipment whenever and for whatever you’d like.