Lizzie Moore, Videographer at Pixel Bakery Design Studio
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Lizzie Moore


Lizzie is a senior at UNL studying Broadcast Journalism and minoring in entrepreneurship. She loves hosting a good dinner party with 〰fun〰 cocktails, always. Traveling is her passion. She spent two weeks in Greece and Italy and dreams of going back to Capri. She is the type of person that adds a ridiculous amount of items to their online shopping cart just for it to sit there, will ask to pet your dog when passing on the sidewalk, and checks if the pasta is done by throwing it at a wall.

Alma Mater

University of Nebraska-Lincoln



Favorite Thing

literally any form of potato

Least Favorite Thing

people smacking their food

Favorite Movie


Most Hated Bird

crows, probably? idek


cooking, watching food network, making spotify playlists, skincare/makeup

Joined PB

november 2021

Personal Aesthetic

Aux Administrator


  • ☉ aries
  • ↑ leo
  • ☽ aquarius
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Lizzie has since moved on from PB.

And we miss them very much.

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