Tiny Pack


remaining: 69

Please stick these up in bar bathrooms. But just kidding. We cannot actually tell you to stick them in non-designated sticker zones. That would be vandalism and we're not about that. It really decides if you're the law-breaking smooth-operation' kind of joe or if you're a giant nerd. But if you DO decide to break the law, do not place them physically inside of a urinal. I swear to god if I get one more snapchat from someone who found one of our stickers in a urinal imma freak.

Also, sorry for the nerd comment. Pot, kettle, black.

Stay in school.

Package Includes:

ā€“ idk man what ever we decide to toss into an envelope

Package Probably Includes:

Holographic stickers, buttons, magnets, dog treats we got from the bank drive-thru, daddy square stickers, baby die cut stickers, leftover halloween candy from 2020, etc.